Latest H1N1 Swine Flu News

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  1. Nurses in NY Sue For Freedom of Choice

  2. The Atlantic Publishes the Slam Dunk Expose’ on Flu Scam

  3. Swine Flu Madness: Medical Veritas Commentary on H1N1 Insanity

  4. 72 Percent of Parents Worried About H1N1 Vaccine Side Effects

  5. Baxter Defrauds Medicaid: Must Payback Millions on Vaccines

  6. WHO Could Take Years to Lower Profitable “Bioterror” Alert

  7. Al Jazeera Broadcasts Hour Interview on FLUscam with Dr. Horowitz

  8. Lawsuit Filed Against FDA to Stop Unsafe Swine Flu Vaccinations

  9. Merck and GlaxoSmithKlein Vaccine Developer Exposes Fraud

  10. Washington State Suspends Mercury Limit on H1N1 Vaccines

  11. Sybelius Lies: Says Americans “MUST Get Swine Flu Vaccines

  12. Vaccination Program Causes “Logistical Nightmare”

  13. Taxpayers on Hook for Deaths and Diseases Caused by Vaccines

  14. First Shipments of Poisonous Genocidal H1N1 Vaccines Delivered

  15. UK Health Officials Unable to Substantiate Swine Flu Claims

  16. Canadian Provinces HALT flu shots linked to more H1N1 cases

  17. Canada Rushing Approval Process for Poorly-Tested Vaccines

  18. HPV Vaccine Killing Chidren Linked to Media Moguls

  19. Tamiflu Aboriginal Genocide Getting Worse in BC Canada

  20. Flu Vaccinations Split, and Poison, Health Workers in NY

  21. Washington State Nurses Union Victory Against Forced Vaccinations

  22. NY Health Care Workers Protest Forced H1N1 Flu Vaccinations

  23. Canada’s Largest Province Hands Out Propaganda Kits

  24. Canadian Aboriginals Dying of Tamiflu Intoxications

  25. Merck Thugs Pressure Doctors and Academics to Promote Poisons

  26. Supermarkets’ Bloody Vaccination Campaign: Boycott Safeway

  27. Dentists “Deputized” to Inject People with H1N1 Vaccines

  28. CBS Reports Parents are Leery About H1N1 Flu Vaccines

  29. CNN’s Gupta Reports Docs Are No Help Against Flu (What else is new?)

  30. Judges Report: France to Use Swine Flu to Commit ‘Liberticide”

  31. PubMed Issues Report on Health Workers’ Fears of Flu Vaccines

  32. CDC Recommends Everyone Get H1N1 Flu Vaccines

  33. CDC Warns Neurologists to Beware of Nerve Diseases from Shots

  34. One Vaccine Shot, Not Two, “Protective” Experts Claim

  35. FDA Authorizes H1N1 Test for US Military Serving Overseas

  36. US Races to Get Millions of Swine Flu Doses Ready


Latest World News About the H1N1 Swine Flu “Pandemic”

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Archived Articles:

Obama Science Czar John Holdren with Paul Ehrlich Promote Depopulation Using Vaccinations for Mass Sterilization. . . .

by Leonard G. Horowitz

July 12, 2009


Los Angeles--The Ehrlich name is among the most famous contributors to drug industrialization, vaccination, and genocidal depopulation.

Do the research! Obama’s science czar, John Holdren co-authored Ecoscience with Paul R. and Anne Ehrlich. These two are likely kin to S. Paul Ehrlich, Jr., “Surgeon Genocide” of the U.S. who defended the CIA and obfuscated the DoD’s open air testing of biological weapons on unwitting Americans during official congressional hearings on the matter in 1976.

These Paul Ehrlichs are likely kin to Nobel Prize Winner, Paul Ehrlich, who coined the
term "chemotherapy," and popularized medicine’s "magic bullet" doctrine for disease treatment. The first Ehrlich also pioneered the field of “autoimmunity,” fundamental to vaccine toxicity. As living proof of the popular application of autoimmune vaccine intoxication, study the field of autoimmune diseases. The vast majority of today’s most mysterious pandemics, including all the new chronic diseases such as chronic fatigue, MS, Type 1 diabetes, Guillain Barre, rheumatoid arthritis, and many, many more, are vaccination intoxication induced.

Also, the world’s worst immune system nightmare is reputed to be Ebola. The Paul Ehrlich Institute in Frankfort, Germany, was “Ground Zero” for the emergence of the “Marburg virus,” that is the mother of Ebola. This rabies-type rodent virus injected into simian lab monkeys caused the mutation-creation of the Marburg/Ebola strains we fear today. Marburg first broke out in 1967 by way of monkeys shipped from Africa to this world leading vaccine production facility, The Paul Ehrlich Institute. (The shippers, Litton Bionetics, as documented in Emerging Viruses: AIDS & Ebola--Nature, Accident or Intentional?, were the Army’s sixth leading biological weapons contractor in 1969.)  This “reality check” on the vaccine industry’s origination of Marburg/Ebola was issued by the world’s leading expert on laboratory “emerging viruses,” Seymour Kalter. during a scientific symposium in 1975.

Paul R. Ehrlich, and Obama’s science czar Holdren’s position on population levels, says that we need to take extraordinary measures for depopulation at this time. The two advanced controversial birth control methods such as mass sterilization through drugs in water supplies, and sterilization of criminals and other “social misfits,” as defined by the earliest eugenicists seeking to genetically engineer a “master race.”(1, 2, 3)  (Few people realize that municipal water fluoridation was used by the Nazis to numb people’s reasoning.)

On behalf of “globalization/colonialization,” Holdren and Ehrlich wrote that a planetary regime should control the global economy and dictate by force the number of children allowed to be born, and that, "The first step necessarily involves partial surrender of sovereignty to an international organization. . . ."

The authors continued, "If this could be accomplished, security might be provided by an armed international organization, a global analogue of a police force."

Now you can see how this bioterrorist depopulation agenda evolved, who is really behind it, and why avoiding vaccinations, at all costs, is the wisest choice.



Click the Queen to View the Most Horrific US Government Documents in BioWeapons History: Includes Experiments to Spread Leukemia with the FLU.

57 Trillion Reasons to Murder 100 Million Americans with Poisonous Vaccinations

by Leonard G. Horowitz

What follows is a HIGHLY CONTROVERSIAL thesis that, according to veteran US Constitutional Attorney, Larry Becraft, “contains a lot of bunk!” His detractors say he has simply not done his homework into the “strawman” and the “grantor trust” that federal administrative procedures establish when your birth certificate was filed. There are certain “res trust” agreements that must be revoked, they assert HERE, to live according to God’s law, not man’s law, as a free sovereign.

Attorney Becraft does not subscribe to most of these ideas, and those advanced in my article below, although they are considered “factual” throughout the “American Patriot” community. These controversial “facts” include: a) your NAME in all capital letters on court papers, drivers licenses, and social security cards reflects the covert (i.e., fraudulent) creation of a “surety account” or a “bonded” “STRAWMAN;” (Click here to read another scholarly article evidencing this argument.); b) the alleged creation of a “bond”  or “surety trust” upon filing a “birth certificate” reflects a valuable “surety account” that is accessible through the IRS some attorneys claim; c: the IRS and “legal” not “lawful” court system functions fundamentally as a debt collection service on behalf of global “banksters” that regulate commerce under the Uniform Commercial Code (UCC); and d) the federal and state judicial systems are maritime law operations stemming from British maritime law as evidenced by the gold fringe around the American flag.

Because of Attorney Becraft’s serious objections to the aforementioned allegations, I withdrew the following article so as not to advance possible falsehoods. Then I received protests from nearly a dozen persons in the “patriot community” that expressed concern that my “urgent” thesis is accurate (i.e, based on verifiable facts) and deserves widespread circulation, consideration, and evidentiary investigation.

So I am republishing the original article below (with only minor edits) for the sake of opening dialogue, debate, and further investigation into this most important, potentially life-saving, thesis.

(Originally posted) July 15, 2009

Los Angeles-- The U.S. debt of $57 trillion in unfunded liabilities, according to common sense, is compelling reason for federal governors conspiring with special interests to murder 100 million Americans this fall using poisonous vaccinations.

According to federal deficit calculators at, more than $57 trillion is currently owed, including $39 trillion(T) in medicaid/medicare debt, $10T in social security payables, plus $8T in prescription drug liabilities, levying$189,210.00 in servitude upon every American citizen.

The mafia kills people for a lot less. Do you really think your debt collection is proceeding differently?

Consider current White House science czar John Holdren’s published affection for population reduction, nuclear industry promotion, biological weapons distribution, and vaccination sterilization through intoxication advancing under the guises of “national security,” “biopreparedness,” “flu prevention, and “health care reform.” 

The fact is, you may be worth more dead than alive to Obama’s ilk. There may even be a WARRANT FOR YOUR DEATH THAT CARRIES A  REWARD OF $189K, and rising.

Now you would never believe this is true. But do your “homework” and LEARN THE FACTS:

1)  Washington, DC is a “district,” not a “State” in the Republic.

2) Legislators are heavily influenced by “foreign” corporations.

3) According to many legal experts, the treaties that created the sovereign Republic of the United States of America were substantially obscured during the creation of the US Federal Government that, for all practical purposes, is now operating as a “foreign corporation.”

4) U.S. Federal employees, including Capitol Hill legislators, are legally contracted to serve under statutory laws and Executive Orders that favor the special interests of the “foreign corporation,” commonly neglecting the best interests of “We the People.” Routinely now, human rights are neglected despite being “guaranteed” by the subverted US Constitution (e.g., religious freedom to exempt from blood intoxications called “vaccinations.”)

5) The international banking community, major foreign corporations, and the US Federal “foreign corporation” is unable to pay trillions of dollars in debts.

6) The “foreign corporation” is now calling in its notes.

7) Under Uniform Commercial Code (UCC–global economic administrative banking and accounting law) a “transaction account” or “liquidity account,” also called a “bond” or “surety,” was created for you upon the filing of your birth certificate.

8) This “bond” secures every American citizen (with a birth certificate and social security number) against debtor obligations administered through the IRS and Justice Department.

9) Your “bond,” (private trust-like account) is worth millions of dollars based on expert legal testimonies pertaining to insurance industry actuarial projections of your net worth–gross personal production– from birth to grave.

10) Considering your gross personal productivity over your lifetime carries this economic value, you might call this your “gross personal product.”

11) The “foreign corporation” assays America’s “gross national product,” and your “gross personal product” as well.

12) Assets of the “foreign corporation” may be liquidated to pay debts; and you may be liquidated, likewise, for available currency in your “transaction account,” to pay the Federal Govenment’s debts.

13) Debt collection engages the international banking and debt collection service called the “IRS” that accesses your “transaction account” or “balance sheet,” (the value and provisions of which have been secreted from the public), as heralded by expert witnesses in tax court cases.

The aforementioned “FACTS” EVIDENCE . . .



  1. 1)Throughout history, global economic collapses have fueled major wars.

  1. 2)Hideously harmful, scientifically proven killers are often certified for use by the FDA and “fast-tracked” to markets,

  1. 3)The FDA incessantly advances Big Pharma’s profitable plots, like Codex Alimentarius legislation, to terminate over-the-counter access to vitamins, minerals, herbs, homeo-pathics, the healing natural sweetener stevia and energizing ginseng, but grants deadly addictive aspartame, even caffeine, free distribution everywhere.

  1. 4) Safe methods of water decontamination, such as inexpensive ultraviolet light and ozonation, or even nano-silver disinfection, is grossly excluded from municipal water purification methods in favor of totally toxic carcinogenic chlorine.

  1. 5)Fluoride, a mind-numbing bone-mottling intoxicant, is forced upon nearly everyone as a replacement for education and motivation for dental caries prevention.

  1. 6)Mercury in vaccines and dental fillings is still approved after extensive research proving toxicity and substantial morbidity and mortality linked to the heavy metal poison.

  1. 7)John Holdren became Obama administration “science czar” given his voracious appetite for population reduction through intoxication of water and food supplies, and the previously conducted mass vaccination causing sterilization as endorsed in his book Ecoscience.

  1. 8)US officials plan to administer 3 toxic immune system destroying squalene injections this fall under the guise of swine flu “biodefense,” despite substantial scientific evidence proving this is a deadly immune-intoxicating substance.

  1. 9) CDC and NIAID officials lie about HIV/AIDS, in many different ways, quashing safe and effective low-to-no-cost treatments while partnering with private companies advancing profitable drug sales.

  1. 10)The new additional federal $1 billion contract for swine flu vaccines include Baxter corporation’s provisions despite the company’s history of genocidal operations. Federal officials were well aware the company spread HIV/AIDS in contaminated blood products AND spread H5N1 allegedly “accidentally” in time for this “biodefense”

  1. 11) Hillary Rodham Clinton, Obama’s Secretary of State, overseeing CIA, FBI and Foreign Policy, was politically positioned to dictate “health care reform,” “national security,” and “national health insurance policy,”

  1. 12)  Mrs. Clinton went to Mexico precisely when the mysterious Mexican swine flu outbreak occurred to persuade government officials there to stop supporting drug traffickers whose WAR killed more than 7,000 people the previous 12 months. This just proves the “WAR on Drugs” is a profitable security investment for Big Pharma, political liars, and inside traitors(Ref); and why . . .

  1. 13) Every one of the deadliest pandemics throughout history has come when severe socioeconomic/political upheaval occurred.

Suffice it to say, knowing all of the above, you would have to be a complete idiot to accept flu vaccinations this fall, or any intoxication through “immunization” ever again; as you would simply be profiting drug industrialists that want you sick, medically/pharmaceutically enslaved, and even dead.


Take this flier around town                        StoptheVaxflyer.pdf


Information to make your own decision:

1) Defining your STRAWMAN.pdf.

2) Evidencing your STRAWMAN2.pdf.

  1. 3) Warning About

Believing In Fictions.pdf.


  1. US Races to Get Millions of Swine Flu Doses Ready

  2. Swine Flu: Path to Martial Law? (Outstanding New Special Report)

  3. WHO Safety Statement: Admits New Viruses Are Being Loosed!

  4. Why Won’t Health Care Workers Take the Swine Flu Vaccine?

  5. Why Swine Flu Vaccines Don’t Add Up to Anything But Genocide

  6. Federal Propaganda “Questions & Answers” for Guinea Pigs.pdf

  7. WHO Model’s How to Orchestrate a Swine Flu Scam

  8. Feds Go Hog Wild Promoting Their Swine Flu Slop

  9. Anglo-American Press Says Blacks & Hispanics Hit Hardest

  10. US Propagada Targets Health Professionals Who Know Better

  11. WHO Propaganda Says Swine Flu Worsening: Threats Reinforced

  12. WHO Issues Plan for Flu Vaccinations Under Martial Law.pdf

  13. Feds Freaking Over Public Resistance, Start Propaganda Blitz

  14. Half of Healthcare Workers To Refuse Flu Vaccines Study Predicts

  15. AIDS Virus Protein in Flu Vaccine Squaline Worries Neurologist

  16. Squalene in H1N1 Vaccine Outrageously Concentrated

  17. German Lung Doctor Warns H1N1 Vaccine Carries Cancer Risk

  18. Hospitals Will Be Overburdened with Up To 90,000 Cases

  19. MicroChips For Human H1N1 Detection. What’s Next?

  20. WebMD Posts Genocidal Propaganda: No Science Just Lies

  21. Did Mainstream Media Create Obama H1N1 “Distraction”?

  22. CDC and Novavax Report Success in H1N1 Swine Flu Vaccine

  23. US Vaccine Stockpile Order Delayed According to AP

  24. Only 37% of Nurses in UK Trust Swine Flu Vaccine Injections

  25. FDA Gets Caught in Swine Flu Swindle with Tamiflu and Relenza

  26. Neurologists Told to Expect Deadly Vaccine Nerve Disease

  27. 12,000 Oklahoma Children to Test Experimental H1N1 Vaccine

  28. Action Urged by Leading Doctors, Scientists, and Religious Leaders

  29. Tamiflu Turned Chidren into Hallucinating, Sobbing Wrecks

  30. Ouch! Early Flu Vaccines Come with Three Shots-AP Reports

  31. National Call for Trained Militarists to “Escort” Vaccine Resistors

  32. WHO Urges Manditory Vaccines in Nearly 200 Countries

  33. African Monkey Kidneys Used to Make Flu Vaccines

  34. Lancet Plugs Vaccination But Issues Warning

  35. Govt. Invites “Voluntary” H1N1 Vaccine Program

  36. The Hype Increases in the UK: Cases “Doubled” in Week

  37. Vaccine Maker Baxter Linked to Carlyle Group VP.pdf

  38. Legal Immunity or License to Kill Granted Flu Vaccine Makers

  39. WHO Secrets Forced Vaccinations for Population Reduction

  40. Officials Stop Counting H1N1 Cases

  41. Government Vaccine Gestapo to Make House Calls

  42. 4 Forced Flu Vaccines this Fall: Children to be “Targeted” Most

  43. $57 Trillion in US Liabilities: Motive for Genocidal Depopulation

  44. UPDATE 1-U.S. to spend another $1 billion on flu vaccine

  45. Investigation of Baxter Vaccine by New Zealand Minister of Health

  46. WHO Promotes Tamiflu Despite Toxicity and Drug Resistance

US Military Views “PI” (Pandemic Influenza) as National Security Threat.

Click Here to Read.pdf.


to distribute:                        H1N1 FLU 2009 Newsletter.pdf

Recent World News on H1N1 Swine Flu . . . .

Past Heath Minister of Finland Warns Not to Take Vaccine

  1. DARPA Gets Green LIght on “Blue Angel” Luciferian Vaccines

  2. FLU Vaccine Side Effects Worse Than Disease Reports Sydney Herald

  3. H1N1 Expired Vaccines Forced by WHO on Governments/Idiots

  4. Polysorbate (Tween) 80  Depopulation Chemical in H1N1 Vaccines

  5. CDC Ignores Up to 3,587 Miscarriages from H1N1 Vaccine

  6. Cuba Prevents Annual Epidemic Using Homeopathy for 5 Million People

  7. Australia Bans Flu Vaccines: US Approves Vomiting, Fevers & Seizures

  8. Dr. Horowitz Appeals to Journalists Regarding Global Conspirators

  9. PharmaWHO Murder Scandal Nets Gang of Dangerous Operatives

  10. WHO Swine Flu Emergency Committee Tied to Drug Pay-Offs

  11. Supergerm Gene Propaganda to Push Deadly Vaccines for Flu

  12. WHO slammed from 2009 Swine Flu/Vaccine Fraud

  13. British Medical Journal Editorial Blasts Ineffective H1N1 Flu Vaccine

  14. Dr. Horowitz Special Report Posted by Major Disease Database

  15. Better to Dump the H1N1 BioChem Weapon to Expire People

  16. Swine Flu Reincarnation Propaganda Neglects Laboratory Outbreaks

  17. Pig Virus Injected in Rotavirus Vaccinations to Cause Disease by “Accident”

  18. White House Implicated in H1N1 Swine Flu Fraud Complicit with Media

  19. Glocer/Merck’s Reuters Plugs Stale H1N1 Vaccine Use in 2010 Flu Fix

  20. Jim Carey and Jenny McCarthy Blame PharmaMedia for Wakefield Fraud

  21. Medical Veritas Editors Slam Lancet in Dr. Wakefield “Junk Science” Fracas

  22. Gates Foundation Gives $10bn to Secure Global Vaccination Genocide

  23. Murdoch Tabloids Strike Dr. Wakefield to Market Deadly Vaccinations

  24. Chinese Depopulationists Deny Miscarriages Linked to Swine Flu Jab

  25. PharmaMedia to Squelch EU Council’s Secret Investigation into H1N1 Fraud

  26. WHO “Helps” Haitians With Biochemical Weapons Called “Vaccinations”

  27. Nations Scrap Orders for H1N1 Vaccines As Fraud Investigation Nears

  28. Natural News Offers $10K for Proof of H1N1 Vaccine Safety and Efficacy

  29. Murdoch’s Wall Street Reports H1N1 Vaccine Orders Being Cancelled

  30. “Mad Scientist Syndrome” Caused 2009 Flu Scam Says UK Guardian


  32. Thailand Neglects Global Fraud: Begins Deadly H1N1 Vaccine Injections

  33. French Doctor Writes Book on H1N1 Flu Scam: Declares Victory for People

  34. Science Scandal Expands on WHO Prostitutes’ H1N1 Pandemic Fraud

  35. EU Parliament to Probe H1N1 Pandemic as Scandal of the Century

  36. Charleston Medical Center to Terminate Employees with Vaccine Mandate

  37. Fetal Miscarriages Mount from H1N1 Vaccines Given Pregnant Women

  38. Goldman Sach’s AstraZeneca’s Recalls 5 Million Doses of H1N1 Vaccine

  39. CDC Chief Gerberding Gets Merck Job to Augment Vaccine Genocide

  40. Military Injects, Intoxicates, and Depopulates Troops with H1N1 Vaccines

  41. Murdoch’s Wall Street Journal Pushes Walgreen’s H1N1 Vaccine Genocide

  42. Recombinomics Report on Worsening H1N1 Plague by Henry Niman

  43. WHO Vaccine Advisor Gets Millions in Secret GlaxoSmithKline Payoffs

  44. Drug Money and Banking Industry Indicted for Economic Corruption

  45. Roche Tamiflu Studies Found Fraudulent British Medical Journal Reports

  46. Sanofi Recalls H1N1 Vaccines CDC Claims “Safe & Effective”

  47. Reuters PharmaMedia Doublespeak: H1N1 No Big Deal but Get Vaccinated

  48. Rockefeller’s WHO Defends BigPharma’s H1N1 Vaccines on Murder Charges

  49. Murdoch’s FOX Reports CDC’s HUGE Manufactured Increase in H1N1 Deaths

  50. Hawaii Council Passes Vaccination Freedom Resolution to Fukino’s Disgrace

  51. British Medical Journal Accuses Tamiflu Maker of Fraudulent Reporting

  52. Tamiflu Tragedy In England Shows Millions of Doses Misprescribed

  53. BBC Reports Prostituting Doctors Demand a Raise to Poison Children

  54. Saudi Arabian Forum Covers H1N1 Scam and Public Fear of Vaccines

  55. Hollywood’s Michael Moore & Backers Exposed in H1N1 SICKO Fraud

  56. Flu Rates Drop as Suspicions Grow Against CDC and WHO Over H1N1

  57. Russia May Pull Out of WHO if Investigation Proves Drug Industry Collusion

  58. First Reports H1N1 Hemorrhagic Mutant Has Come to US from Ukraine

  59. Daily Telegraph Reports H1N1 Pandemic Apparently Came from a Lab

  60. Experts Publish Scientific Indictment of Vaccine Originated H1N1 Pademic

  61. Canada’s Wellcome Trust Propagandists Pimp Winter Flu Fright

  62. WHO Downplays Risk of Mutating H1N1 Viruses and Vaccines

  63. BigPharma’s (AP) Prostitutes Plug Cholesterol Drugs for the Flu

  64. Recall in Canada Downplays Hundreds H1N1 Vaccine Deaths

  65. Merck Piggybacks Deadly Pneumovax Vaccine on H1N1 Fraud

  66. Predicted Miscarriages Shock Nation’s Pregnant Women & Doctors

  67. Ukranian Doctors Protest Politics of H1N1 Vaccine-Induced Genocide

  68. US Congress “Puppets” Genentech Agenda and BigPharma Propaganda

  69. Associated Propaganda (AP) Reports NJ Suspension of Flu Vaccines

  70. Israeli MD Warns Government and People to Avoid Adjuvanted Vaccines

  71. Vaccine Giant Merck Exposed for Suppressing Mass VIOXX Murders

  72. Ukranian Lockdown and News Blackout May Be Coming Soon to America

  73. AMA Delegates Tell Advocates of Mandatory H1N1 Vaccines to Go Stick It!

  74. Canadian Experts Solidly Debunk Government Drug Cartel Propaganda

  75. Doctors in Wales Report Mutant H1N1 Says United Propaganda International

  76. Weaponized Avian Flu Threat Reported by Health Freedom USA

  77. 170,000 Deadly SK Beecham Vaccines Recall in Canada

  78. NY Times Reports Mutation But Plays Down Expected Wave of Flu

  79. H1N1 Swine Flu Cases “Peaked” But Watch Out for Waves of Mutant Flus

  80. Chemtrail Sprayings Reported in Advance of European Mutant Flu Outbreaks

  81. NY Times Propaganda Promotes H1N1 Vaccine “Shortage Marketing”

  82. England Targets Tolders and Children for Anglo-American Genocide

  83. Norway Scientists Report Mutated H1N1 Killer Flu US Officials Downplay

  84. Deaths Suppressed from Killer Swine Flu Jabs: Leaked Letter to Neurologists

  85. Deaths Cause New Mexico to Shift Target to Kill More Sick People

  86. US Airforce to Inject, Infect, Intoxicate, and Depopulate 25,000 Children!

  87. Gross Conflicting Interests Between WHO Officials and BigPharma Exposed

  88. Deadly Plague Cover-up Exposed in the Ukraine Suggests Viral Pneumonia

  89. FDA Allows Convicted Criminals to Remain Fudging Health Science

  90. Mounting Evidence Says H1N1 2009 Virus Sprang From Vaccine Research

  91. CDC Forced Quarantine Documents Leaked

  92. WHO Perplexes Scientists for Withholding Sequences of Ukraine Virus

  93. Chemtrail Plane Caught Turning Poisons On and Off In Europe Amidst Haze

  94. WHO Says Nothing Unusual Happening With Ukraine Virus????

  95. Vaccines/Antibiotics Increase Deaths in Ukraine Hemorrhagic Parainfluenza

  96. Obama Admin Creates Distraction with Vaccine “Shortage Marketing”

  97. Govt. Propaganda Blasts As Esteemed Critics Protest the Fraud

  98. Less than 0.1% of Smart French People Take Poisonous Vaccines

  99. Tide Turns Against Swine Flu Vaccine Propaganda

  100. CFR Vaccine Pundits Discuss “Shortage Marketing” and “Sound Bites”

  101. Avalanche of Adverse Reactions to H1N1 Swine Flu Vaccine

  102. GLOBAL INTELLIGENCE REPORTS Matters “Explosive” for Everyone

  103. WHO Rushes Poisonous Provisions to Ukraine to Administer Humanicide

  104. Biochips Likely to Accompany H1N1 Vaccines for Population Control

  105. Boy Assaulted by Sheriff’s Deputies to Compel the H1N1 Vaccine Intoxication

  106. FDA Expands H1N1 Vaccine Genocide to Target Children

  107. Polish Minister Tells Parliament Secret Contracts Prohibit H1N1 Vaccine Use

  108. Polish Broadcast Slams H1N1 Vaccines in Fraudulent Profitable “Game”

Hot H1N1 Swine Flu World News . . .

Levels Charges of Genocide for Population Reduction

  1. Vaccine Victims Blamed by Murdoch’s Yellow Press for “National Emergency”

  2. CDC M(urdering)D(octors)Website Fraudulently Quadruples H1N1 Deaths

  3. The Merck Press, Reuters (Glocer) Reports on Ukraine H1N1 Politics

  4. IBM Document Proves Corporate Collusion in Planning H1N1 Pandemic

  5. CDC Spins Death Rates to Further Frighten Public Into Getting Intoxicated

  6. Nevada Nurses Win Temporary Restraining Order on H1N1 Toxic Vaccines

  7. Serbia President Declares National H1N1 Emergency to Promote Vaccines

  8. Deadlier H1N1 Swine Flu Mutation Reported in Ukraine by President

  9. US Response Over Swine Flu Dismal Doctor Says on MSNBC

  10. Conflict Over Handwashing Provides Distraction From Natural Cures

  11. Health Canada Drug Prostitutes Warn Against Natural Flu Remedies

  12. Pneumonic Plague Drill Held in Illinois as New Mutant H1N1s Advance

  13. Radio Netherlands Reports Possible Bio-Chemical Plague in Ukraine

  14. Majority Doctors in Italy Refuse to Give H1N1 Vaccines Due to Risks

  15. Polish Health Minister and Doctor Exposes H1N1 Vaccine Corruption

  16. Obama’s National Emergency Conspiracy to Commit Genocide

  17. Ukraine Panic and Price Gouging Reported by Russia Today

  18. Ukraine President Yushchenko Issues Martial Law Neglecting Baxter

  19. Officials Block Military Intelligence Regarding H1N1 “Mandatory” Vaccines

  20. 17.5% Jobless Great Reason to Loose the H1N1 Plague

  21. Japan Links Tamiflu to Many More Children’s Deaths

  22. Vaccines for Wall Street Creates Non-issue Distraction From Genocide

  23. Homeland Security Ex-CIA Official Targets Silver Products and Remedies

  24. “Wealthy Dentist” Advises Magazine Removal to Stop H1N1

  25. Ukraine Flu Shows Signs of Ebola-like Pneumonia: Baxter Implicated AGAIN

  26. Worse Flu May Combine with Unstable H1N1 Vaccinated Virus

  27. H1N1 Vaccine Mercury Linked to Children’s Deaths by Medical Veritas

  28. Germans Outraged by Less Deadly Vaccines Taken by Officials

  29. Zuckerman’s Newsday Spins NY Gov’s Emergency Declaration: Lies About Swine Flu Cases Being Cause for Deputizing Vaccine Murderers

  30. “Poisoning Attempt” Lawsuit Filed Against French Govt. for H1N1 Vaccine

  31. National Emergency: Vaccine “Shortage Marketing” for Mass Murder

  32. New York Times Spouts Propaganda About Alleged Vaccine Shortage

  33. H1N1 Swine Flu Pandemic Panic From Propaganda is Most Deadly

  34. Free Clinics’ Report Chaos in Administering Genocidal Vaccines to Fools

  35. Aussie H1N1 and H5N1 Vaccine Trials Prove Biased by Special Interest

  36. Merck’s Gardasil Researcher Drops Bomb: Says Vaccine is Useless

  37. Neurotoxicity, Sterility, and Mortality the Rationale for H1N1 Vaccines

  38. Pakistan Daily Tells Truth About Suspicious Origins and Vaccine Cartel



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